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Madison Ashe has had a love for nature ever since she was little. Whether it started from playing in the woods, going to the aquarium, or watching Wild Kratts, she doesn’t know for sure. What she does know is that she is passionate about animals, plants, and the environment. She can’t help herself from buying a new plant at every trip to IKEA, and she can’t help being fascinated by squirrels.

Although her interest in nature has been lifelong, she has more recently started learning about sustainability and better ways to care for creation on a personal level. Her involvement in the Catholic Relief Services chapter on UC’s campus has led to a deeper understanding of the connection between environmental and social issues. As Pope Francis said, “concern for the environment thus needs to be joined to a sincere love for our fellow human beings and an unwavering commitment to resolving the problems of society”. So, caring for others and caring for the environment are inseparable.


This idea has been central to Madison’s recent work, especially after her trip to Thailand where she planted trees, taught English, worked with local villages, and fed elephants.


Madison is a devout Catholic who believes in developing all areas of her person: mind, body, and soul. Thus, her interests are broad, from crossword puzzles, Jane Austen novels and learning Korean, to sand volleyball, basketball, and other sports, to cooking and baking, to Bible study, rosaries, and volunteering. So, it makes sense that her media usage would be broad as well. She loves trying new things in life and exploring new media in art, making her a truly interdisciplinary artist.  


Here is a list of ecofeminist artists who have made work regarding environmental issues

Maya Lin-

Wu Mali

Agnes Denes-

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