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I am drawn to nature because it provides so many things for us. It gives us food, medicine, and the literal air we breathe, not to mention beauty and serenity. Every relationship involves an exchange: a give and take of love. Too oftentimes, we only want to take, not only from nature but from each other as well. Caring for others involves caring for the environment. The issues of society cannot be separated from environmental issues. As Pope Francis says, “Our duties towards the environment are linked to our duties towards the human person, considered in himself and in relation to  others.” In order to truly care for others and for the environment, we need to make a change within ourselves. We need to learn how to sacrifice and stop putting our worth in our material possessions. My work focuses on the beauty of nature and the goodness in intimate moments too often forgotten in the midst of a world where fulfillment is only based on achievements and possessions rather than relationships and love. I find that no single media can fully represent this idea, but each one I employ captures a different aspect or embraces a different perspective, which is why I don’t gravitate toward a single medium. Through this exploration of media, I can continue adding new pieces to the puzzle in the hopes of creating a beautiful and more complete picture of our relationships with nature and with each other. I find inspiration in my everyday life through the beauty that is all around me, whether that is in nature or in humanity. I look for what is transcendental, what is inherently good, true, and beautiful and I strive to recreate that in my own work and bring that understanding to others.  

Artist Statement

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